RadiOS is a microkernel based operating system. It shares many ideas and implementation techniques with VSTa and QNX. So if you like either of these systems, or if you like NASM programming - probably you will find RadiOS interesting.

The RadiOS microkernel (rmk) has a set of system calls compatible with QNX Neutrino 6.1. The Task Manager (equivalent to the process manager in QNX) also has compatible message format. Finally, RadiOS C and RM libraries are based upon QNX 6.1 libc code.

Most of the RadiOS code (approx. 45000 lines currently) is written in NASM language. The only C part is the boot-time module linker (BTL); it will be re-written in another language once I will get the compiler working.

As far as I know, currently RadiOS is the only open-source project that aims at binary compatibility with QNX Neutrino.


Jun 11, 2004 - The fourth pre-release of RadiOS- is being prepared.


Currently RadiOS documentation has only LaTeX skeletons. However, you may refer to the QNX Developers Network to obtain the excellent architecture and reference manuals. Most of the contents from there is very well applicable to RadiOS.


RadiOS snapshots and releases, and also other resources, can be found on our project page.


You need the following tools to cross-compile RadiOS from sources:

Development resources


Don't hesitate to send your comments, wishes, critics, bug fixes and other stuff. My SourceForge user name is "yuriz".

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